Monday, March 01, 2010

Thing's Haven't Changed......

In around 1991 I used to go and stay with my grand parents in Woking. They would taking us into town and the high light of the whole trip was going into Surrey Skateboards and looking at all the boards. I had some toy shop board with a Tarantula on it. But I would always go and look at all the boards and dream about having a real one. I really loved the Ross Goodman "Grave Digger" board. The graphic was amazing. My grandpa would treat me to a few copies of old skate mag's they were selling off cheap. I remember getting a copy of Thrasher with this ad in it, I wanted that board so bad and then seeing that Goodman's ad also had him in a coffin sealed the deal, it had to be mine. This took a little longer than I planed but in 1991 I got it for Christmas.

This is still the best advert ever made and the "Grave Digger" board is still the best graphic ever.


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