Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Urn Show 2009

Curated by retailer Force of Nature, The Urn Show 2009 brought together a mixture of 15 Danish and international artists each sharing their creativity on an unorthodox medium revolving around an urn. The use of an urn as the icon behind the show was chosen for its symbolism for death and a necessary part of life which also serves as a reminder to make the best of life. The list of artists includes Andrew Schoultz (US), Anika Lori (DK), Bigfoot (US), Eske Kath (DK), French (UK), Henrik Vibskov (DK), Hvass & Hannibal (DK), Jody Barton (UK), Knud Odde (DK), Le Fix – Benny Bee (DK), Martin de Thurah (DK), Soulland – Silas Adler (DK), Typisk Lesbisk (DK), Ufex (DK) and Zarah Voigt (DK). The sale of the urns goes towards “Drivkraeften”, a youth department of the Danish Cancer Treatment, with a focus on activities and contact amongst young people with cancer. An online auction will also be running for the sale of the urns at Lauritz.com. The exhibition ends on October 23rd, 2009.

The Urn Show 2009
Force of Nature
Birkegade 25
2200 Copenhagen N.