Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Funeral Fog, Monster Children Gallery, Sydney - 27th Nov

So we're hanging the show right now...
Funeral Fog - an exhibition of new works
Opening night November 27th, 6pm .... come down if you're around.
Continues 28th November till the 9th December 2008

This exhibition, my second show at Monster Children Gallery, includes a range of original drawings, editioned silkscreens and digital prints plus a catalogue printed especially for my 3 Australian shows.

Presented by Carhartt and Vans.....and C.O.D

Thats right there's a Pentagram on the floor and demon being conjured.....Obey his satanic majesty.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

all hail the fruit-bat demon, greetings from oklahoma, good to see you're on the coopers, jason

2:22 AM  

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