Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Shirts for Sale

I've just put 4 different shirts for sale on my webstore. They're ones that I just have 1 of each left, I just felt like having a spring clean. Some are actually pretty old / classic and not really available any more. If you don't wanna / can't use the store email me : and you can send cash / cheque / postal order etc

This is the final one of these shirts left. It was made for the exhibition at Analogue Books in January this year.

Its beautifully printed on high quality Carhartt shirt. Its a large, but wears more like a medium. This was strictly limited to a run of 50 and I have no plans to make more at the moment. - £12

Desolate Delights shirt -

The final one left from the exhibition earlier this year. Its a large and the printings really clean. Comes with a print of 3 prints, 1 by me, 1 by Derek Albeck and a joint work. - £15

I have found 2 of these in my library of product, one in orange and the other in grey. Both really well printed on Gildan Medium shirts. This is the 1st shirt I ever made for a record company and one of my favourite drawings I've made. - £12

I drew this for Sidewalk magazine in around 2006, they made 50 or something crazy and they were only for friends and family of the mag due to gnarley-ness of the image.

I have one in white, printed by Lovenskate Stu, on an AA blank shirt. This one a proper vintage classic of mine. - £12


Blogger DAVE THE CHIMP said...

Kid Acne was sitting in my kitchen in Berlin last night wearing one of these orange beauties!

I like this blog. reminds that skateboarding and drawing and friends still and always will kick ass!

keep kicking ass French!

9:43 AM  
Blogger 1. Roy Barker said...

Probably missed the boat on this one, but any tees left? You also did a Hand of Glory print for Richie and wondered if you have any (other) prints for sale. Loving the work, but not quite getting the music yet! Cheers. Roy

2:47 AM  

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