Monday, October 13, 2008

A.F.F.F - London Skating

This weekend the weather was amazing for October in England, so my homies came up to skate. Mike and Munt came up saturday night to eat chicken and watch X-factor so they're feel refreshed and ready to skate.

In one day with an earll start we managed Stockwell, Kennington, 2 street spots at Elephant and Castle and then an into the evening shred at the new Meanwhile 2.

At Kennington bowl myself and Peacock made this bank on the top the bowl, Blakey helped giving us design direction.

Peacock did a massive flip into it, Mike did an Impossible into it as well.....tec nut bar!

Gorm was there with us for to skate Stockwell and Kennington, and took the really good foto's, but had to leave the shred zone early for the need of more chicken.

On the way to Meanwhile 2 we even fitted in a little bit of tourist sight seeing.

From left to right:
Joner's (Cornish), Peacock (Farnham), Munt (Fleet), Mike (Farnborough), Sean (Farnborough) and Blakey (ex-Yatley, now Farnborough)


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