Saturday, February 10, 2007

"They're Rollin, We're Hatin"

I've been invited by my friend Cody to put some work in a "Fantasy Art" "Dungeon's and Dragon's" themed show as part of the "Version Festival" in Chicago in April.

"We're Rollin',They're Hatin' is the flagship exhibition that opens up the internationally acclaimed Version Art festival in April 2007"

There's some seriousy good artists in the show: Confirmed Artists Roster (many others still in the works) :
Paper rad, Maya Hayuk, French, Dungeon Magesty, Cody Hudson, Chris Uphues, Brian Ulrich, Steven Harrington, Justin Krietemeyer, Justin B. Williams, Alvaro Illizarde, Logan Bay, Daniel St George, Rachel Olson, Jackie Kilmer.

What a dream come true......."Games Workshop" watch out! I'm gonna have to listen to so much Bolt Thrower to make this work.

I'll put more up about the show as I get it.


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