Thursday, February 08, 2007


I've just spent the last 10 days in Brooklyn with Fos for our show at KCDC. It went really well, all the work got hung really well and the party was amazing. So many people turned up, work got sold, beer got drunk, there were hot women and an over vert wallride on the mini-ramp.

At some point it did seem that Nevit's chilled way of work may mean we were never gonna get it all up in time..... but that main man came through with the goods. "it's good times"

Matt Cass and Jenny again made sure that I had somewhere to stay and we're the bestest of the best to me and fos. Thanks allot.

Amy and Fos........good people, both pretty hot right?

Thanks allot to Amy, Nev, Des and Mike at KCDC for making the show really cool. Also to James at True Love for the board's and clothes and to Wes......for getting the beers in. I LOVE NEW YORK.


Blogger ‡N.S.B‡ said...

That looked fun French, I wish I could have been there. Say ello to good old Fos ehh, I can't wait to get his slip ons in the mail!

11:10 AM  
Blogger thereid215 said...

where,s my mention I was there in full force,,,and i hate nyc,got drunk and left my board at the show brand new wheels and all,,,,,,,seig

1:26 PM  

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