Thursday, December 06, 2012

Arsis - 'Lepers Caress' EP - SCIONAV

I've just finished drawing and designing this artwork for Arsis's new release "Lepers Caress" being put out by SCION. Its online right now to listen to and also download for FREE!!! Go to the SCIONAV site and check it out. 

I've got to say this is one of my favourite designs I've draw in a long time, its always fun to work for the people at Scion and I have a great amount of freedom when coming up with ideas,  but this time it was really interesting to work with Arsis and here from them what they wanted and have their input so directly. Arsis are really nice guys and it was a total pleasure to work with them.

Not only is 'Lepers Caress" out to download but also comes on CD and Vinyl. Here's the layouts for the back of the record, the CD and also the Vinyl label. 

Scion are also supporting Arsis with their tour. I designed this artwork for shirts and also the tour poster below. I think they will all be available from shows on the tour or you can try and contact SCION AV through their site.


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