Friday, August 31, 2012

Creature and Independent Package

Holy shit!! I got back to my house this afternoon to be greeted by the Fedex guy unloading this monster box of goods for me.  Mark at Independent Trucks and Lee at Creature sent me a load of the boards I just designed for Creature and also an epic amount of Indepedent Trucks and Independent Truck Company Clothing. Thanks so much guys, you're pure gentlemen. 

If that wasn't excitment enough, Diddler sent me this amazing Mortician T-shirt to replace the one that was destroyed by a Polish truck driver when he opened his cab door on me and ripped it to pieces. 

As a double wammy, my Immolation longsleeve I bought on ebay also arrived today. So stoked, I've been wanting an Immolation longsleeve for so long and as Autumn is coming this is perfect. 


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