Friday, November 11, 2011


In about 2005 I got a call from Paulo, he'd was over from France on a skate trip filming with a bunch of guys from Antiz and Lyon. They were up in Scotland at the time and they were coming to London for a week or so and they were desperate to find somewhere to stay. At the time I was living in Brixton and my flat was often the hotel for euro skateboard traveller. Paulo had said there's a "few of us", but when I met them from the tube station there were allot of them. Among this rabble of really polite, shoe less and also injured and friendly french dudes was a very young Samuel Partaix. At the time I think he'd just got on Antiz and was really starting to kill it.

They stayed at mine for a week and were the best house guests I ever had at Crownstone Court, the house was cleaner when they left than when they arrived. They managed to sleep in the living room, it was sleeping bag tetris.

At the time I was working on stuff for an exhibition in LA and 2k had just sent me some shirts I'd designed, this artwork of the "live to Ride" skull was one of the shirts, and was also one of the first shirts I made for 2k. I gave one to Sam, I dont think I've ever seen anyone that stoked on being given a shirt, I was really happy that he liked the artwork. When he was over here this year for DTSD he was asking about getting the artwork from me to get tattooed, I sent it to him and now I'm really proud to say my friend Sam has it on his body for life. Thanks Sam, I'm stoked you like my drawings that much to get it stapped into skin.

cheers mate


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