Monday, August 22, 2011

Vans - Downtown Show Down

On Saturday, 20th August 2011, Old Spitalfields Market in East London hosted the biggest skateboard event the UK has ever seen. Over 10’000 people visited throughout the day, witnessing ten of Europe’s best skateboard teams battle it out against each other. The lion’s share of the prize purse went to the days winning team: Antiz. It wasn’t just the skaters having fun as the weather held out throughout the day, a thronging crowd of spectators and a high level of skateboarding were key ingredients for the success of this unique event.

Vans selected the incredible obstacles from Cliché, Superdead and Death Skateboards in recognition of their inspired and creative designs and brought them to life brilliantly and installed in Old Spitalfields Market and the neighboring Brushfield Street to be skated for one day only.

Following an hour’s warm up, the competing athletes dived straight into the first Round, featuring Death Skateboards’ Ripper Alley. Phil Zwijsen resurrected the spirit of the Ripper himself, pushing the boundaries and carving his way to first place with his consist fluid style and use of the course. Danny Brady fought to the end, notably with a B/S Hurricane from the flat bank to bar that earned him second place.

The event was then in full swing and the masses accumulated over the Antiz Tower Bridge. Danny Brady lead the line with his progressive array of tricks in his arsenal, none more so than his F/S Bluntslide kickflip to fakie in his usual insouciant manner. Inspired by the amazing obstacle created by Antiz, the Element and Cliché team fought to the bitter end, though when the dust settled it was Danny Brady who left with the top spot.

Despite the best efforts of the typically unpredictable British weather, the clouds parted and the sun shined in time for everyone to roll out to the final obstacle- Superdead’s Olde English Tavern. As the final round, this was the moment when every athlete knew their time was running out and did what they could do claim a stake in this prestigious event, first out of the gates was Nassim Guammaz. Ferocious style that dominated from the minute the final heat commenced. If anyone needed final confirmation that Nassim was taking this heat as his own, his F/S 360 shuvit down the bank reaffirmed his position. Chris Pfanner, representing Yama, kept everyone guessing with his trademark F/S melon flip earning plaudits from the huge assembled crowd.

With all three obstacles taken on and destroyed in a fashion we have come to expect from the Vans Downtown Showdown, it was left to the judges to tally up the scores and inform the heaving crowds of which team had climbed highest in the scoring. Here are the results as presented by the likes of Steve Van Doren, Geoff Rowley and Dustin Dollin. The team results were as follows-

1st - Antiz
2nd- Element Europe
3rd - Enjoi
4th - Superdead


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