Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cleptomanicx - Bedlinen, Boxers and Pyjamas

Quite a while ago I drew a variety of skulls from different times in human evolution, for my Cleptomanicx. Stefan Marx asked me to do this for a fabric pattern.

As you can imagine it take a good amount of time to make the pattern, send it off to make the fabric and then have it made into garments. Luckily I just drew about 10 skulls and a logo, so that Stefan and the good lads at Cleptomanicx could do the rest.

Stefan modelling the fabric when it arrived.

The fabric comes as bedlinen ....


and pyjamas....

You buy get all these from the Cleptomanicx online shop

Thanks again to Stefan and all the lads at Cleptomanicx, I'm so happy with this. See you guys in Hamburg for a skate, some Astra and the punk pub.


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