Friday, March 04, 2011


The Decrepid LP just arrived at my studio this afternoon. I'm so stoked to get it.

I've been friends with Danny (highlighted in green below) from the band for a really long time, since I worked with him at "Skate of Mind" skate shop back in 2003. I watched this guy grow into a fully grown man and metal warlord from a teenage skate rat. Its good to still be skating, drinking and banging my head with him still now.

This record is so brutal, its true death metal from start to finish and I'm over the moon to have drawn all the artwork. You really need to own a copy. CLICK HERE to buy it direct from the record label. The limited LP album release with Decrepid which includes an embroidered patch.

Release date: mid-March

Release includes Shipping & Patch

If you cannot wait for the LP, hit up the record release party 5th of March at the Unicorn in Camden, London. Limited pressings for the release party will be available

I want to say a massive thanks to Danny Price and all the band for having me involved and to McFly to getting his arse in gear and starting a record label to make this release.


Blogger Murdoch said...

Record looks great man! especially the centre label!!!

3:54 PM  

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