Sunday, October 03, 2010

Goat of Hades Shirts FOR SALE!!

I just picked up the last few Goat Hades Shirt made by Vetika,

I have a very limited amount of these shirts, all in Medium and Large. Up on this one if you want it as they're gonna go really fast and I'm not gonna have an more .... ever! and you can't get them from any where else but here. Really good fitting shirt!! More limited than rocking horse poop!!

You can get one by just CLICKING HERE or emailing me. £15 each is all it'll cost ya!


Blogger Fritzl Ramirez said...

Mine just came in the post this morning! Great shirt & sick print.
Cheers mate

4:45 AM  
Anonymous Guy said...

Are there any of these shirts left? I'd love to have one.


11:09 PM  

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