Monday, August 02, 2010


I got up at 2am on Thursday to fly to Munich to drive down to Passau to paint a ramp for my friends at Antiz Skateboards. I was all a little last minute, but as all the best things are.

As always I'm pretty stoked to enter the Eurozone and see something new and meet people I haven't met before, possibly skate something I haven't already skated and in general have an adventure.

Here was my rough sketch for what I might paint the ramp like.... but obviously I knew things like this never turn out that way.

After a long drive from Munich, with little sleep, I arrived in Passau. With a slight detour to have breakfast with Bruce the Ox and family in Neufarn.

I was met by Shultzi, ramp builder, carpenter, skater and all round blood nice bloke. The ramp was still being built so I pitched in for the rest of Thursday and Friday, to try and get it done. The ramp was being built just outside of Passau, at Ulley's carpenttry place.

On a side note.... the place where the ramp was being built had a "drinks" machine.... that sold beer's for 65c.... I dunno how people get work done in Germany?

It got finished and ready to paint, late friday. So I just decided to blast on and work all night......

By 11am the next morning it was looking like this and I'd run out of paint.... so I figured it was done and also the fact that I was knackered.

For breakfast, my main man Ulley (below) took me out to get Labercase from the next village and let me drive his much to say that I almost crashed it.

Thanks to Shultzi, Ulley, The family de Oxen and all the Germans I met.


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