Monday, November 02, 2009

BLOOD OATH - The Archipelago Works

Blood Oath opened on Friday night, I was so stoked with the way it all came together and how many people came. Its the first time I've had a show thats only been prints. But it really liked the end result.

"The Archipelago Works is proud to present you with something a little bit special this Halloween. So with great pleasure, we bring you our first solo show: BLOOD OATH - an exhibition by a British based illustrator known simply as FRENCH."

"Sourcing inspiration from and combining his two great loves - heavy metal and skateboarding - French has developed his signature style of detailed, finely crafted drawings rendered in pen and ink, that create atmosphere and depth like no one else can. His dark and often macabre work has led him across the globe, showcasing work in the USA, Denmark, France, Israel and Australia, and it is with open arms that we welcome him to The City of Metal!!!"

"The show features exclusive, super limited edition hand-pulled screenprints, printed by our in-house printer Josh Bedford."

Exhibition runs from the October 31st - November 22nd

All prints are for sale on the Archipelago site.

Thanks to Joe Cox for the photography, all at The Archipelago Works, Joe at Blackest Rainbow, Josh, Jamie, Jason, Edna, Lucy, Dan, Hangtime, Bingo, Cronos and Dixie Classics......


Anonymous Paul Gonella said...

Looks incredible! Really love the horse in particular.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Lily said...


5:44 PM  
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