Friday, October 16, 2009

Von Doom, Ever Gold Gallery

The Von Doom Show at the Ever Gold Gallery opened last week..... the shows pretty sick, I'm stoked 'cos Glenno's in it as well.

Artists: Andrei Bouzikov, Ben Venom, Clint Smith, French, Glenn Smith, Jeremy Simmons, Justin Bartlett, Paul Alexander Thornton, and Son of Witz

There's foto's of the show:

On the Ever Gold Blog
and on FecalFace

Ever Gold
Oct 1-31, '09
441 O'Farrell St (between Taylor & Jones)
San Fran

Check it if you're about...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

random, i know alex thornton, went to college with him!

6:35 AM  
Blogger Murdoch said...

glenno, french and andrei
holy shit!! i live in a shit hole haha

11:11 PM  

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