Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Maid of Rats Opening Night, Malmo and the Famous Jody Barton!

I got to Copenhagen on Wednesday night and Mads very kindly came and got me from the Airport and I went back to Stiner and his house to drink some beer, eat and sleep. I spent the next day mounting and framing work for the show.

But I did have the aid of the Famous Jody Barton,(above with his trusty steed) me and Jody didn't really know each other that well, just through other mates and the fact he's a famous artist. But he just moved to Copenhagen with his lady, Karate. So I spent all my time with this clown. He's awesome

After framing on Thursday, Jody and myself went for a shred round CPH, he towed me on his bike and we went for Pizza, coffee and then met Mads, Silas and the Viking to go to some "fashion" party where they had free booze....woman dressed like muppets and loads of gay dudes, dressed just as shit as all the women. Obviously Jody and I kept the British end up and tried to drink enough free beer to sink a battle ship. They had free makeup cos it was sponsored by L'Oreal .....Jody and Karate took advantage of this also.

The next morning myself and Mads spent some time putting all the art work up in the gallery, Mads having to stop allot 'cos he was feeling a little fragile. I managed to get a skate in with Kalle and Tommy at the Christiania bowl in the afternoon before the show opened. Kalle and Tommy came over from Malmo to see me, the show, skate and get some free beers....good work.

On Friday Jason Gormley came all the way over from London to see the show and hang with Jody, Gormley's a super good mate, well good fun and made the opening super fun.

The show opening was great, loads of people came, some work got sold, Danny Toblerone and some other dudes came over from Malmo for the free beer, Silas, the Viking and all the Carhartt ladies came as well.

Jason rented a bike for the weekend, as everyone has one in CPH .... its the best transport, other than skating round the city. Jason managed to get a little tipsy and fell off his rented bike, but thats all part of the deal.

After the opening we all went to some bar, chatted about meat, ate pizza and then all headed back on bikes, Mads carried Stiner on his.

The following morning myself, Jody and Jas headed over to Malmo on the train to have a look about. Them with they're bikes and skating, it was so bloody cold.

We managed to find one of the amazing skateparks in Malmo, it was so much fun, but so cold I could only manage an hour or so.

Later we went to the indoor park to see the Vert comp, I met up with my Nuke'em friend's Kalle, Tommy, The Dr ( who actually is a real brain surgeon), Max, Tobias and Tomsie. The comp changed to a party and I ended up spending the night in Malmo and having a proper laugh.

I was stoked to saw people riding my Nuke'em Board who I don't know, they even had it in the shop at the park, I even managed to get my hands on one.

I just wanna say a massive thanks to F.O.N, Mads, Stiner, Jody, Karate, Jason, all the CPH peeps, the Nuke'em skateheads, Dan Toberone, Carhartt, especially James for the warm clothes and anyone else that made my time in Denmark and Sweden rad. Cheers !


Blogger Unknown said...

if your ever in malmo again make sure to hit up Sibbarp, amazing crete park under the denmark-sweden bridge. legal camping next to the park too! shot on here http://www.flickr.com/photos/surferrob102/2785405540/

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

French,I don't believe you shaved your beard off NOW!!!!! Not for my pictures...so contrary.
I hope you had a cool show. see you soon
xx Valerie

2:35 PM  
Blogger Callum Barrack said...

cph is fucking sic!!!

3:07 AM  

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