Monday, January 05, 2009

Gilligan's Ireland (Gilltopia 2)

Again this year I went to Ireland to see the Gill for his birthday, we managed to get a skate, just me and the Gill yesterday at the Gilltopia ramp in the barn near Dublin.... they even have knackers with horses there now.

Saturday morning, myself, the Ox, Gill and Gibbo got a super early start from Dublin to head up to Belfast to skate the 2 indoor parks up there and meet up with Jay Dords, after skating Greystones the day before and having tea at Le Masion de Gibbo. One park had a sick tight bowl and the other with 2 mini's and a weird big quater and death box.

It was cold enough to need to change socks about 2 or 3 times in one day, the soup foot getting cold and freezing our feet. The Gill had new Vans birthday socks.... posh!

The Bowl...

The Dords shot this foto of me on the wierd big quarter in the park....

The boys..... dords, Gill, Gibbo, Alan and the Ox at the front.

The Ox being a nutter dropped us back in Dublin and then drove the 5 hours home .... me and Gill skated back to his across town to have a good open fire and watch films about heroin addicts in Dublin.

Gill shot this at the ramp out.... Gilltopia....

Happy Birthday mate.... hope you had a good weekend I did.


Blogger Richard Gilligan said...

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Blogger Richard Gilligan said...

thanks for feeding the baby eagles in my belly frenchie!!!! TWEAKER! that tellys asking to be robbed maaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn......

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