Sunday, September 14, 2008

Los Angeles....Pet.

This is actually Wolf's Piss.... Diddler bought it to put around his garden to keep the Coyote's out.... only in America.

Munson and Ben came to Culver to skate the park and also see my show. Munson as always was a legend.... this shows how mental the bowl is.

There's no place like home...Kyle, Nate and Me.... Kansas lads.

My screen print for the show.... the idea was to make a festival poster... mine was just mental bands I really need to see. I called it Slaughter Humanity Fest. I hope I'll get some of these.

My work at the show... all 52 of them.

Me and Diddler.... he's my long lost shred buddy from the North East, a personal friend of Venom and Geodie Racer.

Diddlers Hell Hound.....Cronos - Rabid captor of bestial malevolance....(Sophie)

Red Curbs

This shit sounds rad ....

Len skated this in the supermarket carpark by Highland Park.... the 1st try was a killer slam


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