Thursday, April 10, 2008

Epic Shredding!!!

Lord of Parks, Gorm took me on an epic local skatepark journey yesterday. We hit 6 parks in one evening. This is Mellows park, the closest to my house, and also legendary Davros's house as well. Its the best park in the area. Well the tour included one metal park that was so rough on the ground skating on grass would be easier, also another cement one, pretty ghetto but ok. Also a fiber-glass mini/vert ramp situated in a dog park? Yes where they poo. Also we hit St Hellier, the parks ok...but we got started on by 11 year old chav's. I love South London !! Hurry up Stockwell.

Saying that, at least at Mellow's park you have flat space to skate about, this quater to learn lip tricks and f/s ollies and also this rail / curb to pretend you're Danny Sargent on. I'm gonna localise this place over the summer.


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