Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Funerality Zine

Lasy year, after the Funerality show @ Monster Children in Sydney Joe made this Zine of my work:

Funerality by French
A5 portrait,
Staple Bound,
48 pages,
Laser Cover with gatefold,
B+W photocopied on raw uncoated stock,
Edition of 25,

Available from Joe Allen at:
  • Izrock

    Blogger Izrock said...

    Hey Mang!
    You found it!
    I have some for you.
    I never even got quite to 25 copies.
    I feel bad you saw it on the site before I gave it to you.

    See you soon

    1:47 AM  
    Blogger JLN said...


    I really, really, really like your stuff. My girlfriend bought me Concrete 2 canvas for my birthday, and I was amazed by your work. The detail blows me away.

    Anyway, I play bass in band called SWORDS. I'd love to use some of your work either as a cd / record cover or a t-shirt... We're just a self-funded independent band from Australia and we don't have loads of money, but if you're keen to do something, let me know. You can hear our stuff at www.myspace.com/swordsfuckyeah or email me SWORDS[at]mollyandatiba[dot]com.

    I'd love to work with you.

    Oh yeah, we're not exactly metal, but we do play metal-neck basses.

    Jolan / SWORDS

    PS: I posted this on your folio blog too. Hopefully you'll see one of them!

    4:27 PM  
    Blogger cherryvale skateboard company said...

    Reminds me, don't forget The Sword, April 3rd at Underworld. They ARE metal

    Checked out that Swords band, like em, and they're hometown Adelaide boys, have a Coopers for me lads

    8:09 AM  

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