Tuesday, May 01, 2007


This weekend, after a hard few days of working with no rest or sleep on a t-shirt for KRISIUN, I went away with my Essex homies to the Basque Country in Spain to skate some amazing cement parks. There was about 20 of us in total and the ages range was 14 - 45.

In our car was me, David Steel (Styley), Carl Wilson and Mark Munson, which as time went onI learned has had an amazing past. He was a professional break dancer in the late 80's, went on to be in the Polish version of Gladiators as "PERSIAN BEAR" and was recently the Essex member of the UK Chippendales. Quiet a celeb?


Culture and skate boarding.

We tried to bbq a pizza after we microwaved it, Spain shuts on Sunday! But at least Ray knew how to turn a Pizza so it doesn't burn.

It rained a little, but we still smelt out a 3ft indoor mini to skate.

The PERSIAN BEAR broke the pool coping with his arse at Gernika.
It was an amazing weekend and we had so much fun!!!!! Cheers lads.


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