Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I went to Ireland last weekend to see "The Gill". We skated, drank, surfed, road low-riders, taught rich to drive, hung out with the Ox and his family and generaly laughed so hard!

The view from Bruce "the Ox"'s house in Kerry.

Grim on the ramp...before surfing.

Ox, Rich, Ruben and Grim on the the Ox's new quarter pipe.

The sign at the gates of the Cement factory where we skated full-pipes.


"THE GILL" - ON A HOLIDAY FROM HIS BRAIN! Thanks for the great weekend ..... see you soon, safe.


Blogger Richard Gilligan said...

what will we do with community gamessssssss!!!? no flies on you french! you stick-at-the-game..... make a people laff, make em smile! get tired of making love to your gurlfriends, might decide to make love to your boyfriends.... rock your brainy head. fucking deadly seeing ya man.

4:50 PM  

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